I Know Why the Jail Bird Sings

I dedicate this to you, A. ❤


I watch and listen to this bird in its little bird cage every morning.  Singing even in a cage.  Even though it is locked up to where it cannot spread its wings and soar through the air.  Singing, caged up as if it were happy.  As if nothing were keeping it locked in place.

I found out that night about Him.  He was my friend.  My music teacher.  News spread like fire.  He had found the wrong woman.  A woman who had a wickedness about her.  Hate lived within her and it was enough to ruin someone’s life. To destroy it.   There were rumors of course.  He did this.  She did that.  He said, she said.  The unfortunate game of back and forth.  But I knew Him and I knew the story.  Unfortunately, how much I knew of Him did nothing to help Him get locked away.

As I watched my little bird in its cage, I remembered how all He ever wanted was for everyone to just get along and to love music.  He took me on many magical adventures.  One specific memory was when He had taken me to an inn and the innkeeper was speaking to Him through the window next to the door.  After a few minutes of pleasant chatting, He had asked the innkeeper if we could keep this conversation going if he would just let us in the door since the evening air was starting to get to us.  The innkeeper had laughed at himself and said how the door was open the whole time! We laughed at such silliness!  That same night, He also snuck me into a barroom down the road and I felt so devilish, but had such good fun with everyone that night.  Not only from the spirits in our system, but just from the high vibration of how He would make everyone feel good.

My eyes started tearing up and the bird looked at me.  He taught me how to play instruments I never thought I’d play in my lifetime.  The organ and harp were the two I will always associate with Him.  I remember the harp was my favorite out of the two and He let me play by myself for an hour while He went to teach a lesson. When He came back, I was so proud for teaching myself a song I had to play it for Him.  The proud look on His face when I was done!

All He ever wanted was to spread the music of joy to everyone.  To not only educate in the mind, but to feel it in the soul.

That next morning, after He was officially thrown in His cage, I had to let my bird go.  I opened the cage and the bird looked at me.  Go! I said. The bird chirped a thank you and flapped its tiny wings.  Out into the morning sun it flew.

I know why the jail bird sings in His cage.  He may have lost to Her, but He sings, because the light has not been snuffed out of His soul yet.  Yes, A, there is still a possibility for You.  I am a believer in You.  Don’t let the music die out.

Once You have unlocked that cage, harmony will follow You and just follow the melodic road that awaits You.








Under Construction: Adding Creative Spice in 2018

Hi Everyone!  I have some exciting news!  I thought it over since 2018 started and decided Sugar Lows needs an upgrade since it will be 5 years old in September.  I wanted to keep everything in one place, so I will not be creating a whole new blog page.  Everything will stay here! However, I will be switching gears with my writing after this post.  I updated my About page as well as the little tagline up by the Sugar Lows title.  (Did you notice!?) 🙂

Basically, I have written what I could about hypoglycemia and yes, I still have it, but I thought it was time to get some fresh ideas onto this blog.  I am so excited to share my creative writing with you all.  I am no English major, nor will anything be written in any “correct” creative writing format, but it will be my own little stories and free flow of writing that come to mind.   I have so many ideas and I can’t wait to share with you all!

As always, thank you for your support and if you’re new, I hope you enjoy my past blog posts as well to come back for new creative stories and random writing!

I Ran Away to the Circus!

Come one, come all to the fabulous mysteries that await you!  Such curiousities and magic this post has in store for you…

If you’d like some magic/circusy music I got you covered here 😉

My tale starts with an article in a AAA magazine.  For my readers who are not in North America, AAA stands for the “American Automobile Association.”  It provides services to members such as roadside assistance, fuel delivery, battery services, etc.  Those who are members (you guessed it, I’m one) receive quarterly magazines.  These magazines feature travel ideas to car information.  It just so happened late February/ March of 2017 my eyes captured an interesting article of circus performing arts (aka circus arts) and how it was an up and coming type of fitness all ages were using to stay in shape.  The article mainly focused on a festival in Washington D.C. but promoted a website to check for any circus arts schools around your area.  At the time, I was doing ballet, but I told myself after finishing ballet I would go back into ballroom dancing.  I read this article and got so excited that I went for it and checked online if any places were near me.  Since I’m living in New Jersey, I figured the only closest places would either be New York City or Philadelphia.  Well to my blessed surprise there was a circus gym 15-20 min away from me.

I didn’t give it much thought after and focused more on finding ballroom dancing lessons.  For those who are just coming into my blog, you can read about a ballroom piece I did my senior year of college here.  It wasn’t until the end of July the idea creeped back into my mind of the circus gym by me.  I looked them up and couldn’t decide on what I wanted to do.  Trapeze?  Silks? Lyra?  Clowning?? Luckily, my mom helped me decide and I picked an adult aerial sampler class.  This included silks, hammock, trapeze, lyra, and a little bit of Spanish rope.


Actual footage of a performance I was in…just kidding! 😛  Don’t worry, I do have pictures at the end.  How could I not show off to my readers? 😉

From August-December of this year I fell in love with the circus arts.  I have walked on a tight wire, spun plates, hula hooped backwards and while doing squats, learned basic skills on hammock, silks, trapeze, lyra, and Spanish rope.  THIS is my new love.  Don’t take offense, Ballroom, I love to dance, but circus is just such an amazing and incredible love for me.  It’s like dancing in air and feels so freeing.  I have to say ballet did come in handy with the grace and pointing of toes-so no wasting of time there!  The frustrating challenge of circus turns into this independent power you feel when you can do a skill.  I come out of every class with an addicting high.  The owner did warn me when I went to an open house it can be addicting.  Not only has my body felt the positive (and sore) perks, but my mental and emotional health has wonderfully been affected by it as well.  I have been told by people I look so happy or enjoy myself when I’m doing two things:  Ballroom Dancing or Circus.

Our last class we got to choreograph our own piece and I honestly did not think I would ever do choreography again.  I was proud for my ballroom piece I choreographed, but the 2 minute trapeze act I did I was even more proud.

I couldn’t decide on what I would like to specialize in, so I am taking the adult aerial sampler again from January-March along with a Flow Arts and Hoop Dance class which I am very excited for.

Of course, I thought how perfect The Greatest Showman had come out in movie theaters which I just saw today.  I sat through the end credits and saw they had stunt doubles.  I thought to myself how I wouldn’t need one. 😉 Also, can we please bring top hats back?  Everyone should wear them, but men, you look so fine in them… ❤ 😛 😉

In the end, I didn’t run away to the circus.  The circus found me.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…*curtain draws up*


Happy New Year to my wonderful and supportive readers!

❤ Sugar Lows/Megan ❤

What Time is it, Mr. Fox?

“What time is it, Mr. Fox?”  the children asked.  The person playing “Mr. Fox” answered “10:00” and so the children stepped 10 paces forward.  Uh oh.  Getting close to Mr. Fox.  Then Mr. Fox chases after the screaming/giggling kids trying to make it back to their “safe place” or home base.  Anyone else play that game as a kid?  Hey, you can even play it now as an adult. Games aren’t only for kids. 😉

Running away from Mr. Fox can be like us trying to run away from time.  Time. That word.  Time. Tick tock, tick tock…

On September 28th, Facebook helped remind me that it was Sugar Lows’ 4th anniversary. I mean, they weren’t as specific as thatnot yet at least 😛 It showed me my “on this day” memory of when I did my first post for Sugar Lows and when I posted about my first anniversary.  Now here I am, 4 years later and it got me thinking about time.

I first want to thank any of you who have stayed with me all these 4 years as well as those who are new and just starting out with me.  Some may want to creep and come and go as they please, so thank you to my creepers as well. 😉 😛

Time is like a carousel.  It goes around and around and repeats itself.  Side note, fun fact: I LOVE carousels…


I honestly can’t believe I’ve kept something up for 4 years.  It’s an awesome feeling to know that I have had something as a writing outlet.  I admit, I actually enjoy writing these types of reflective, sometimes quirky, “story-like” posts.  I even have planned a remake on a fairytale post (first one linked here if you want to check it out).  Coming to a blog near you. 😉  Might involve a Prince too. 😮 Or…let’s make him a King.  😛

Anyways…let’s get back to time.  We don’t have time to waste…

Wasting time, I know that feeling too well from my later teens and early 20s.   I wasted energy on people who didn’t care about me and that’s their own freewill choice.  Just like it was my own freewill choice to finally realize what’s best for me and make myself happy.  My negative college years only taught me to become a stronger person (even though at times it was Hell).  I was depressed for a long time and it was terrible to break out of it, but I did it.  Time healed me.  It took me years to be who I am today.  It took me up until a few months ago to break away from being unhappy to how I am now.  Time brought me happiness.

Time can be our friend.  Time can be our enemy.  We want time to speed up.  We want time to slow down.  We wish there were more hours in a day.  We wish we had one more time to see that person.  Time takes away people that are young, with old souls, and time takes away people that are older, with a younger spirit.  We lose people 4 years ago in college to a quick heart tragedy that no one saw coming, to a college professor/advisor who passed away 5 months ago due to a cancer battle.  Time can trick us.  It can seem like we have forever only to cut it short.  Then when we want it to cut short our misery, it lasts on and on and on.  Like a swirling dimension swallowing us up into a black hole or abyss.


We can study time by the sun, moon, and stars.  The moon phases I’ve been paying attention to lately.  Fascinating once you notice the pattern.

We are all a part of time. Time is love and love is time.  Time is the universe and the universe is time.  Choose wisely, however you’d like to use it.

Now when is it time to find my British man?

Starstruck Yoga

Hi Guys!  So I wanted to write about my experience of when I met Adriene Mishler from “Yoga With Adriene.” Maybe some of you don’t listen to what I post for music, but if you do, here’s some Air with Cherry Blossom Girl to chill out.

I started following “Yoga With Adriene” back in late January/early February of this year.  I had seen her ads on YouTube, but at the time I wasn’t really interested in following her yoga channel.  For some reason, I just went to check her out one night and saw her Revolution series and became curious.  I started her videos and here I am today loving every yoga moment with her.

She and Blogilates really helped me this year, not only with my physical body, but emotionally and mentally.  Both gave me a lot of confidence this year that I never thought I could have.  I mean, I have always had fire and spunk, it’s just some of that got lost in my late teens/early 20s.

I’ll write another post on Blogilates in the near future, because I got some food and a specific drink recipe to share with you all.  I figured I’d reign myself back in and discuss foods and exercise for us hypoglycemics. 😉  The cool thing about hypoglycemia is that it not only encompasses your physical body, but it effects your emotional and mental health as well.

Back in July, I had invited you all (cordially) 😉 to celebrate my 25th birthday by doing the “Happy Birthday Yoga” routine.  I hope some of you did have the chance to try it out!  Never in a million years did I ever think I would be in person with “Yoga With Adriene.”  Towards the end of July/early August, she advertised a link to buy tickets on her Facebook page to her “Find What Feels Good Roadshow.” I saw the usual big cities listed by me like NYC or Philadelphia…because New Jersey you know is like the middle child…passed over all the time… 😛 Just kidding! I saw Freehold, NJ and all I thought was I could drive to it!  So I did. 🙂  I saw/met “Yoga With Adriene” on Sunday, September 11th, and it was an amazing event. It felt like doing one of her videos while at home and not in a room full of a hundred people.  To finish off the class, she turned up the music and had colorful lights going as we had a mini dance party.  The whole purpose was for us to get uncomfortable and face each of the four walls so everyone had a chance to be in front of each other, while doing opposite hand to opposite foot kicks, jumping jacks, or even a small dance on your mat.  Great fun! 😀

I stood in line afterwards to meet her and as I got closer I realized to myself I wasn’t as “starstruck” as I thought I would be.  As I watched others who were clearly starstruck or just being hams, I didn’t feel the need to be anxious.  She’s a human being just like the rest of us.  Who knows, someone “famous” could be reading my blog right now. 😉  It was great to just to introduce myself, get a hug from her, and take a few smile-worthy pictures.


Thank you so much, “Yoga With Adriene,”  for making such a positive impact on me this year.  You gave me the tools of yoga to not only de-stress, but to gain confidence and love for myself and others as well as patience.

I wanted to write this post today, because she posted a “Yoga For Diabetes” video this morning.  It can be for us hypoglycemics as well and those who aren’t! 😉

The Exorcism of Sugar Lows

I know you read the title and are thinking…okay, what?

Yep.  You read correctly!

Before I get into detail, let’s rock out to some Icon For Hire with “Demons.”

Go ahead, you can dance to it before reading this post.  I can wait. 😉

Back on Sunday, August 6, 2017 I had an exorcism done on me.  Okay, let me not exaggerate that much, but seriously, it felt like I did! I fortunately live near a wellness center that provides yoga, meditation, and monthly Reiki meditation ceremonies.  I attended the Reiki meditation ceremony and it was amazing!  For anyone who’s not sure of what Reiki is, this is the basic definition that I copied and pasted from Google:

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

If you’d like to know more detail about it, then if you’re reading my blog, I think you certainly know how to search on the Internet. 😛

The ceremony I attended consisted of the first half meditating while listening to the vibrations of crystal bowls (infused with Reiki healing), a little bit of a drum meditation, and then the final half was the actual Reiki for 15 minutes where each of us went on tables and had 3-4 Reiki practitioners use their energy for healing on us.

Honestly, I did not know what to expect after Reiki was done on me, but whatever it was, certainly did the trick.  When I left, my energy felt drained.  That is all I can describe it as, but like a positive drain/vibe.  I left wanting more, so I decided I will attend another ceremony being held the first Sunday in October.

I call this my “exorcism,” because those who have been following Sugar Lows know that I have been through many ups and downs.  Probably seems like I have had more downs and darkness, but I swear it has changed.  That 15 minutes changed my perspective on life.  My mind has changed for the better and I am still amazed by the results.

I used to be a very jealous, quick to anger, bitter, bring up and feel stuck in the past, kind of person.  Some of you reading may be surprised at that and some of you may not.

This “exorcism” removed darkness that was pent up in me for so long.  If only I had known it’d take 15 minutes to get cleaned out I would’ve done this sooner. 😛

I feel a lot more brave now to try different things.  Such as, I met Adriene from Yoga With Adriene last Sunday on September 11th (she’s the one I invited you all to do some yoga with on my birthday, but it’s okay if you didn’t, yet at the same time, I feel bad and well, I guess it’ll be okay :P). I am also now in an aerials sampler class for a circus gym.  You read that right.  I ran away and joined the circus! No, not really, just as a new hobby.  You’re probably saying, come on, Megan, quit it with this wording of making me believe these things.  First, exorcism and now running away to the circus.  😛 Alright, 🙂 but I will next week share my experience with Yoga With Adriene.  She’s posting a video next Sunday that I think will matter to us with hypoglycemia.  Yes, remember, I still have that and why I even started this blog four September’s ago.  Whoa, what? 4 years ago already?  You guys have followed me for that long? 😀 😮

Anyways…I want to leave off with this post on something else that may be a change in 2018.  Probably in the springtime.  The wellness center I had the ceremony at offers Reiki certification.  When the owner said she teaches courses at a college in New Jersey I was amazed. I really wish that was offered to me as an option years ago, but at the time, I may not have taken the opportunity, but now I feel ready.  The wellness center offers the certification and I am thinking of maybe joining the healing community.  I will keep you all updated on that. 🙂

For now, to thank you for keeping up with me, I wanted to share some pictures I took of items I have to help shine light through darkness.  The last picture with the butterfly was posted by the wellness center on their Facebook yesterday that I wanted to share.

Thank you and much love,

Megan/Sugar Lows ❤


You are Cordially Invited…

Dear Readers,

You are cordially invited to celebrate the 25th birthday of Sugar Lows/Megan on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017.


Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I am turning 25 on Saturday, July 22nd!! What’s funny is I’ve never posted about my birthday on here.  I have shared two unfortunate deaths (Thom and Ann) within my past blog posts, but never any celebration of a birthday. So…to change things around I thought why not invite everyone from around the world who supports me by reading this blog, with inviting you all to share the day with me?  Isn’t that exciting?  Yes, no? You don’t care… 😛  Let’s get some party music on with Betty Who’s Some Kind of Wonderful…or as I thought when I was shopping in a store when I first heard this “some kind of waterfall…”

I invite all of you to share in celebration by “joining” me in a practice of “Happy Birthday Yoga” by Yoga With Adriene.  I absolutely love Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube channel and I know you’ll enjoy her as well.  This is not only to be used to “celebrate” with me, but also a gift for yourself.  Another added suggestion in “celebrating” with me is to have what else?  A cup of tea! My mom and I are going to try a new tea house in a Victorian home for my birthday, so I’d like to share a drink of tea with you as well.  It would be awesome if you could do both the yoga and tea, but I’ll take it if you do either. 😉

2017 so far has been a year where I have been trying different things.  I consider it my “brave” year so far.  February brought me to Angel of the Sea, May I went to the Steampunk World’s Fair where I was featured on Cake Boss!  (Yes, I may need to discuss that in another post…)  Just yesterday I practiced yoga outside of a chocolate shop and afterwards we did a wine and chocolate tasting.  I am really glad I ended up going to the past events and bed and breakfast.  This is why I decided for my birthday to do something unique and a little creative.  Instead of me isolating myself and the usual “Happy Birthday” on Facebook post (because you only remember when Facebook reminds you :P) let’s all join in for some fun.  😀

Whether or not you have been following and reading my blog since I started, I appreciate you staying and supporting me throughout my highs and lows.  Especially with the passing of two treasured people.  I know I haven’t been writing much about hypoglycemia (don’t worry, still have that!), but I am starting to branch out into dabbling with other types of creative writing-or at least it’s my own style of creative writing.  I shall see where the future of Sugar Lows goes.  In the meantime though, I hope this invitation will find you to branch out as well to try something different.

I know my readers are in different time zones, so I decided to post this now in order for you to  “RSVP” to the party ;), as well if you cannot actually do it on my birthday (July 22nd).

If you cannot do the yoga and/or tea then I ask you to have a dessert.  It can be a piece of fruit for all I care! Also, if you’d like to buy yourself a plant (fake, real, whatever) then do that too! Get some green into your home! Let some life into your home, because this is a birthday! I am planning to buy myself some roses, or maybe another succulent, or maybe one of those silk flowers in a glass they had at the grocery store…decisions, decisions…

However you decide to join in celebration it doesn’t matter.  You’re all invited and I hope you can attend not only for me, but for yourself as well!

Birthday Dog and Birthday Cat are granting birthday wishes!!


❤ Sugar Lows/Megan ❤